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How to Get Away with Murder (englisch für Wie man mit Mord davonkommt) ist eine US-amerikanische Krimi-Serie von Peter Nowalk, produziert von Shonda. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Krimiserie How to Get Away with Murder, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen. How to Get Away With Murder Wikia. wie kommt man mit einem mord davon? Diese Frage stellt sich eine Gruppe von Jura-Studenten – erst. Früheres Leben. Annalises richtiger Vorname ist Anna Mae. Sie legte ihn später zusammen mit schlimmen Kindheitserinnerungen ab. Zu ihrer Mutter hat sie. Wes Gibbins wird in "How to Get Away with Murder" von Alfred Enoch gespielt. Er studiert Jura an der Middleton Law School und wird gemeinsam mit Connor.

How To Get Away With A Murderer Wiki

How to Get Away With Murder Wikia. wie kommt man mit einem mord davon? Diese Frage stellt sich eine Gruppe von Jura-Studenten – erst. Wes Gibbins wird in "How to Get Away with Murder" von Alfred Enoch gespielt. Er studiert Jura an der Middleton Law School und wird gemeinsam mit Connor. Die 1. Staffel der US-amerikanischen Krimi-Serie How to Get Away with Murder wurde zum ersten Mal zwischen den September und dem Februar. Episodenführer Season 1 – Die Strafverteidigerin und Kriminal-Professorin Annalise Keating sucht die fünf besten Studenten aus ihrer Vorlesung. Die Gruppe. Episodenführer Season 2 – Auch nach dem mysteriösen Verschwinden von Rebecca Sutter muss das Tagesgeschäft in der Kanzlei von Starverteidigerin. How to Get Away with Murder Staffel 4 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 4. Staffel von HTGAWM für Dich zusammen. In "How to Get Away with Murder" geht es um Annalise Keating, die als Strafverteidigerin arbeitet und nebenbei an der Middleton Law School unterrichtet. Die 1. Staffel der US-amerikanischen Krimi-Serie How to Get Away with Murder wurde zum ersten Mal zwischen den September und dem Februar.

Connor is worried as Wes wants them to split up. Wes reminds Connor that Rebecca shouldn't be at the house. Just them, Asher knocks on the front door and shouts to see if anyone is inside.

Everyone inside freezes but Connor goes to investigate. Asher shouts that he can see Connor's car in the driveway and carries on banging on the door.

Michaela whispers that its all her fault. Connor agrees with her. Asher continues to shout through the door and demands that Michaela give him back the Trophy that she stole.

Laurel sees Asher moving round to the windows and tells everyone to get down and hide. Connor lays down beside the body and tells the corpse that he is so so screwed.

Rebecca suggests that they trick him into stepping in the blood. Laurel agrees but Wes doesn't as he wasn't a part of it.

Laurel listens closely as she doesn't hear Asher anymore and goes to check. He's gone. Michaela appears and reveals that she texted him claiming to be at the library.

Wes takes Rebecca to a motel. Wes tells her that he will be back as he has to take care of the body and to not do anything until he's back.

Rebecca just sits on the bed staring at the floor. Wes continues telling her that even if someone knocks, not to answer it unless she knows its him.

Rebecca tells him that Sam wanted to kill her and that she had no other choice. Wes tells her to stop it. Rebecca stands up and says that her trial is in a couple of days and she is most likely to go down for it so she is offering to take the blame.

She tells Wes that she will kill herself if Wes gets convicted for Sam's murder. Rebecca puts her hands around Wes' neck and tells him to let her help for once.

Wes tells her that the only way for her to help is that she should stay in the room and not leave. Wes leaves. A horn snaps Wes out of his vision and the man tells him to get out of the middle of the road.

Wes stares at him for a moment, then decides to go back for the trophy. Once in the house, he walks over to Sam's body and picks up the trophy.

He then stares at Sam's body and says that he is sorry. Just then, Annalise reveals herself and tells him that Sam had it coming.

Wes finds the others just outside of the bonfire and scares them when he approaches. He opens his backpack and reveals a bloody trophy that he went back for.

Michaela tells him to go and put it back but Laurel says that it was a good idea taking the murder weapon.

She says that they should clean it and put it back after they bury the body. Michaela and Connor disagree because they will have to drag the body through town in the busiest night of the year.

In addition, if they get the body out of the house unseen, the ground in the woods is frozen. Laurel says that they will have to dig all night if they have to.

They all start at each other but Wes tells them all to stop and suggests that they decide by flipping a coin to see whether to get the body or leave it where it is.

Wes grabs his things off of the ground and tells them all to go. She seems confused with the plan. She doesn't know what they are going to do with the body once they have it.

Wes says that they will burn it. Wes says that the flames will get rid of their DNA and Connor says that the bonfire will cover the smoke.

Laurel has an idea. They can go to the bonfire and use it for their alibi. At the bonfire, drunk students and teenagers are throwing wood onto fire.

Music is playing really loudly. Wes and Laurel take many selfies of them doing things that they would be doing if they were drunk so that if anyone asks, that have proof that they were there.

Connor does the same. Michaela just stands there when Connor grabs her and tries to make her look like she's having fun. Michaela isn't smiling so Connor tells her to smile, or go to jail.

Michaela smiles for a few selfies. After the bonfire, they return to the crime scene. Connor asks what the plan is and offers a few suggestions.

Wes tells him that they will roll him in a rug and deal with that later. Michaela phone buzzes on silent and she sneaks off into another room to answer it.

As Laurel comes back with paper towels to mop up the blood, she notices her leaving. Laurel quickly puts the paper towels down and grabs the Trophy that Wes hands her and goes to the kitchen to clean it.

Wes and Connor are rolling the body in the rug on the floor. Michaela refuses to look or do anything. Laurel comes in and reveals that she washed all of the blood off of the trophy and the sink.

Laurel asks what they should do next. Wes says that they should put the trophy back and Connor says that they should get the hell out of there.

Wes, Connor and Laurel try and lift the body but can't as its to heavy. They all look to Michaela for help.

She reluctantly walks over and grabs one end of the body. They all struggle to move the body outside.

A cop appears. The cop asks them if a car blocking the side-walk is theirs. Connor owns up and says that its his and offers to move it.

The cop asks if the house their in is the law professor. After a pause, Michaela saves them by saying its Annalise Keating 's place and that they are moving her old rug out of the house.

Michaela gets out her phone and offers to call Annalise to confirm. Michaela improvises by saying that Annalise went to her mother's funeral.

The cop backs down and hears a bottle smashing. He quickly apologises and leaves to chase after a few rogue teenagers. After putting the body in the car, they drive out of Annalise 's driveway and onto the road.

Laurel suggests that they go to a gas station. Wes says that the gas station Laurel suggested was to close as they could bump into people they know and should go further away.

Laurel suddenly notices Asher crossing the road directly in front of the car. Connor stops the car before he ploughed him over.

Connor tells them that "this is freakin' whack-a-mole" and drives off. Connor tells them that they are all screwed and that Asher knew that they were in the house.

On top, they also have the cop that was a witness. Connor gets paranoid with all of the things that they have done wrong.

Laurel tells Connor that he has said enough. Connor "agrees" and puts on the radio. Christmas songs begin playing.

Connor says "perfect" and changes the words of the song to fit their situation. He picks up two bottles of lighter fluid and two bags of potato chips.

When he gets to the counter, he picks up a prepaid phone and adds it to his basket. Back at the motel, the phone rings and Rebecca is hesitant to answer it.

She picks up the phone and finds Wes on the other end. Wes says he has a new phone. Rebecca tells him that he shouldn't be calling.

Wes looks outside to check if Connor's car was still there. On the phone, Wes says that is taking care of it and that he got the others to come around to the idea of getting the body.

He tells her that they are going to protect her. Michaela begs him to stop. Wes gets into the car after going to the store.

He tosses Laurel a some potato chips. He said that he bought other stuff so that he wouldn't look suspicious on the surveillance video. Connor continues to sing along to the jolly Christmas song.

Once in the woods, they hear a couple laughing while carrying the body. They quickly take cover behind a tree and turn off their flash-lights.

The couple begins to get naked when Laurel's phone goes off. The couple stops and shouts "who's there. The couple shouts again and flees when there is no reply.

Michaela asks Laurel why Frank is calling her and that she saw the picture of him without a top on on her phone.

Laurel admits to them that she slept with Frank but she hasn't told Frank anything. Michaela asks her why they should believe her.

Laurel says that she doesn't have to as they aren't friends. Wes asks if they all agree as there is no going back. They all agree and Wes lights a match which shines a light on the Sam 's face.

Wes throws the match on the body and it sets on fire. Connor makes a snide comment. Wes suggests that she answer it. Michaela agrees as it strengthens their alibi as you can hear bonfire in the background.

Connor stops and asks Michaela for help. Michaela tells him that she is just having a break. Connor won't take no for an answer.

Wes and Laurel sit down. Connor tells Michaela that they need to see it through and to grab a trash bag and get to scooping up the bits of the body.

He then resumes hitting the body and laughs at the same time. Wes and Michaela carry black bags full of Sam to Connor 's car.

Laurel is sat in the car while Connor is sat on a rock. Wes infroms the group that they have put in the last bag in the car.

Connor tells everyone to get in the car when Michaela realises that she has lost her engagement ring. She tells everyone to wait and that its gone.

Everyone stops and turns aroung to look at Michaela. Michaela falls to the ground and looks for it. Michaela repeats "I lost my ring.

Laurel informs Michaela that its going to be light soon and that they still need to dispose of the body. Michaela refuses to leave until they find it.

Wes questions her to see if she had her ring on when they left the house and Michaela says that she did.

Connor says that they will have to cancel the wedding. Michaela cries more and Wes tells Connor to stop as they all still need Michaela to return the Trophy back to Asher.

Laurel says that Michaela won't be able to do it in her current state. Connor isnt happy about this as he has done his part, and its time for Michaela to do hers.

Laurel speaks up and says that she will do it. Connor questions how and Laurel says that she will figure it out.

Connor starts throwing the trash bags into the dumpster Laurel also helps. Michaela tries to stop Connor as her ring might be in one of them.

Wes tells them all that throwing the body in the dumpster is a bad idea and that they need to get to an incinerator.

Connor stops and says that Wes has been outvoted. Entertainment Weekly ha dato al primo episodio della quarta stagione una valutazione pari a B; [43] Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya, scrittrice per The A.

Lo show ha comunque subito un notevole calo di ascolti in territorio nordamericano col progredire delle successive stagioni: ad esempio, il primo episodio della terza stagione ha attirato una media di 5.

L'8 luglio i primi tre episodi sono stati trasmessi per la prima volta in chiaro in Italia in prima serata su Rai 2. Nelle ore successive Rai 2 ha ricevuto numerose lamentele sui social network da parte degli spettatori, che l'hanno accusata di omofobia.

Anche gli attori Jack Falahee e Conrad Ricamora , lo sceneggiatore Peter Nowalk e la produttrice Shonda Rhimes hanno espresso il loro disappunto per la decisione tramite i loro profili Twitter.

Altri progetti. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Reindirizzamento da How to Get Away with Murder.

Le regole del delitto perfetto. Viola Davis interpreta Annalise Keating. Alfred Enoch interpreta Wes Gibbins. Jack Falahee interpreta Connor Walsh.

Katie Findlay interpreta Rebecca Sutter. Karla Souza interpreta Laurel Castillo. Liza Weil interpreta Bonnie Winterbottom.

URL consultato il 21 settembre URL consultato il 7 settembre URL consultato il 22 luglio Retrieved February 11, Club , 28 settembre URL consultato l'8 dicembre URL consultato il 18 maggio URL consultato il 6 maggio URL consultato il 6 novembre archiviato il 6 novembre URL consultato il 12 gennaio URL consultato il 22 gennaio URL consultato l'11 dicembre URL consultato il 6 settembre archiviato dall' url originale il 26 agosto URL consultato il 4 novembre URL consultato il 4 giugno URL consultato il Von den Studenten in ihrer Klasse wählt sie fünf aus, die sie als höchst ambitioniert einschätzt, damit diese sie bei der Verteidigung ihrer Klienten unterstützen.

Die Auserwählten sind Wes Gibbins, Michaela Pratt, Laurel Castillo, Connor Walsh und Asher Millstone — hochintelligente Studenten, die bereit sind, alles zu tun, um Keating zu beeindrucken und um deren berühmte Trophäe zu gewinnen, die demjenigen überreicht wird, der Annalise am meisten beeindruckt und kritische Informationen liefert, die die Gerichtsverfahren positiv beeinflussen.

Im Verlauf der Serie wird sie mit ihren fünf Auserwählten in mehrere Mordfälle verwickelt. Das Drehbuch zur Pilotfolge schrieb Peter Nowalk.

Im Dezember bestellte der Sender eine Pilotfolge. Februar wurde mittels einer Vorschau eine zweite Staffel für den Herbst angekündigt.

September und Februar ausgestrahlt. Februar wurde die Serie um eine vierte Staffel verlängert, die zwischen dem September und dem März ausgestrahlt wurde.

Mai wurde eine fünfte Staffel bestellt [12] , deren 15 Episoden zwischen dem Februar ausgestrahlt wurde.

Im Mai wurde die Serie um eine sechste Staffel verlängert. Die Pilotfolge wurde am April bis zum Juli aus.

Die zweite Staffel wurde vom 4. Juli auf demselben Sender ausgestrahlt. September bis zum Oktober November bis zum Dezember statt.

How To Get Away With A Murderer Wiki Wes and Michaela carry black bags full of Sam to Connor 's car. Bonnie tires to apologize for lying to her but tries to make up for it by handing a recording of Frank confessing to Mahoney's murder. Archived from the original Big C May 22, Bares FГјr Rares Heute Im Tv Mediathek returns to her house to wait for her son. Gerardo More info. Retrieved December 16, Archived from the original on August 30, However, Jorge claims custody of his grandchild Rice Kiste submitting evidence of Laurel's past addictions and history of mental illness to a judge. Best Actress in a Drama Series. Archived from the original on March 19, Retrieved November 28, Michaela and Connor click the following article because they will have to please click for source the body through town in the busiest night of the year. How To Get Away With A Murderer Wiki

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RANDALL PARK Groe Sorge um Katrin, tut zu neuem Leben als RoboCop, in Paul How To Get Away With A Murderer Wiki source How To Get Away With A Murderer Wiki zu Magical Girl-Geschichten erzhlen.

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How To Get Away With A Murderer Wiki Serien A bis Z Interviews. Schneller als gedacht, sehen sich ihre Studenten mit dieser Frage konfrontiert, wie continue reading mit einem Mord davon kommt. Die Episode "Nichts bleibt verborgen" ist die Annalise click here die Verteidigung eines Millionärs an, wegen Mordes an seiner Ehefrau angeklagt ist. Vivian's Here. Michaela weigert sich, ihre Vorlesungen zu besuchen, nachdem sie einen Streit mit Annalise hat.
Legacies Deutsch Dabei erfährt er, dass sich Rudy in psychologischer Behandlung befindet. Staffel als Stream verfügbar bei:. Bonnie findet heraus, dass Annalise Asher von ihrer Vergangenheit erzählt hat. Im Mittelpunkt der Serie steht die mysteriöse und gerissene Professorin an click here Middleton Law School, Annalise Keating, die nebenbei als erfolgreiche Strafverteidigerin Www.Deutschland.De/3gewinnt ist. Doch der Staatsanwalt spielt ein doppeltes Spiel.
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Charmed: Episode, 3. Die Episode "Das beste Team" ist die 1. Um sich von seiner Tat abzulenken, befasst sich Wes mit dem Mord an Lila und wenig später wird Rebecca frei gesprochen. Deine Bewertung. Griffins Anwalt fordert eine Exhumierung und zweite Autopsie der Leiche, die neue Beweise liefern soll, um seinen Mandanten zu entlasten und Rebecca als alleinige Merseburg Stadt Bei zu überführen. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. KG, Kopernikusstr. Februar ausgestrahlt. Aktuelle News zu weiteren Serien. Dezember source. Erste Schritte. Rebecca click here, Lila Griffin eifersüchtig gemacht zu haben, doch dann wollte sie sich wieder entschuldigen. Dort wird er von Annalise überrascht, die schockiert auf ihren toten Mann herabschaut. See more Episode "Kampfansage" ist more info 6. Fotogalerien Starttermine Deutschland. Tom Verica. Februar wurde die Serie um eine vierte Staffel verlängert, die zwischen dem I'm the Murderer. Originaltitel: Kein Weg zurück Erstausstrahlung: Annalise und ihr Team fallen aus allen Wolken, check this out die Ermittler neue Vorwürfe gegen ihre Mandanten, die Hapstall-Geschwister, vorbringen. KG, Alle Rechte vorbehalten. Annalise dagegen würde am liebsten nur noch im Bett liegen und schlafen. Doch der Staatsanwalt spielt ein doppeltes Spiel.