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Breit angelegte, auf Tatsachen beruhende Familiensaga. Im Mittelpunkt die Mulattin Queen, die als Plantagenkind in den Südstaaten aufwächst und nach dem amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg die ersehnte Freiheit erlebt. Alex Haley's Queen: Queen kommt in Alabama als Tochter einer Sklavin zur Welt​. Ihr Vater ist der Sohn eines Baumwollfabrikanten. Halb weiß, halb schwarz . Alex Haley's Queen (Knaur Taschenbücher. Romane, Erzählungen) | Haley, Alex​, Stevens, David, Robben, Bernhard | ISBN: | Kostenloser. Entdecken Sie Alex Haley's Queen [2 DVDs] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung möglich. Haley starb kurz vor der Vollendung des Manuskriptes. Es wurde von David Stevens fertiggestellt und unter dem Titel Alex Haley's Queen veröffentlicht. Dieses.

Haley Queen

Entdecken Sie Alex Haley's Queen [2 DVDs] und weitere TV-Serien auf DVD- & Blu-ray in unserem vielfältigen Angebot. Gratis Lieferung möglich. QUEEN von HALEY und eine große Auswahl ähnlicher Bücher, Kunst und Sammlerstücke erhältlich auf Haley starb kurz vor der Vollendung des Manuskriptes. Es wurde von David Stevens fertiggestellt und unter dem Titel Alex Haley's Queen veröffentlicht. Dieses. Haley Queen Haley Queen Bill Haley hat seine eigene Version von „Mish Mash“ auf Spanisch in Mexiko Er nahm auch als Comet and der Royal Command Performance für Queen. In "Roots" erzählte der Pulitzerpreisträger Alex Haley die Geschichte seiner Vorfahren mütterlicherseits. "Queen" hat der im Jahr verstorbene. QUEEN von HALEY und eine große Auswahl ähnlicher Bücher, Kunst und Sammlerstücke erhältlich auf Seine andere Seite kommt mit Alex Haley's Queen auf den Bildschirm: Diesmal geht es um die außergewöhnliche Geschichte seiner väterlichen Vorfahren. Lincoln Haley, den man durch eine dicke Fensterscheibe sehen konnte, saß im »Hier ist Pearlie Winston, die Queen der Funkszene «Haley tippte auf einen. Titel: queen. Altersbedingter Zustand. Beschreibungen der Umgebung here der Geschehnisse sind sehr langatmig und wenig bildhaft. Neue Kurzmeinungen CorneliaP vor 3 Jahren. Schutzumschlag berieben Gramm. Foto des Verkäufers. Vergleich Streaming Dienste Im Englisch Gewicht in Gramm: Her other Haley Queen see more a two-tone, black-and-red suit consisting of a full-sleeve top, tight shorts, opaque stockings, garter article source attachments, and boots. September 11, Batman characters. Reading Harley Quinn in canon and fanon". Queen and Davis start a friendship, which turns into romance and Queen becomes pregnant. I give it marks Andrew Garfield Spiderman trying, most of Kinderfilme Top stars are Danny Glover, but overall - see it only if you have to for school but I recommend reading the book. She vows to her mother that she'll never marry him, but her mother her. Unknown to Queen, Mr. September

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Episodes Seasons. Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Edit Cast Complete series cast summary: Ann-Margret Sally Jackson 3 episodes, Patricia Clarkson Lizzie 3 episodes, Tim Daly James Jackson Jr.

Parson Dick 3 episodes, Danny Glover Alec Haley 3 episodes, Jasmine Guy Easter 3 episodes, Martin Sheen James Jackson Sr. Dora 3 episodes, Sada Thompson 3 episodes, Paul Winfield Cap'n Jack 3 episodes, Halle Berry Queen 3 episodes, George Grizzard Davis 2 episodes, Leo Burmester Henderson 2 episodes, Frances Conroy Benson 2 episodes, Linda Hart Henderson 2 episodes, Richard Jenkins Benson 2 episodes, Erik King 2 episodes, Jane Krakowski Jane 2 episodes, Patrick Malone Simon 2 episodes, Peter Maloney Perkins 2 episodes, Jussie Smollett Perkins 2 episodes, Christopher Allport Alfred 2 episodes, Tim Guinee Wesley 2 episodes, Christine Jones Sarah Jackson 2 episodes, Tom Nowicki Kirkman 2 episodes, Ed Grady Doctor 2 episodes, Martin G.

Learn more More Like This. Biography Drama Music. Roots: The Next Generations Biography Drama History. Why Do Fools Fall in Love Stars: Halle Berry, Vivica A.

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Mama Flora's Family Soul Food Comedy Drama. Stars: Vanessa Williams, Vivica A. Fox, Nia Long. Jackson sustains another injury, which causes the amputation of his right arm without anesthesia.

Sally Jackson advises Queen to find a place to live among the newly freed blacks, saying that there is no food and no place for her at the estate; Queen strongly objects, insisting that the plantation is her home, and the Jacksons are her family.

Parson Dick, another slave there, warns Queen about the difficulties awaiting mulattoes , quadroons , and octoroons in the new free society.

Henderson, the former overseer, and his wife have left the Jackson plantation, and they now run a nearby grocery store, where young redneck white men hang out, and James trades.

Henderson, however, freely insult James and Queen. After an unpleasant confrontation at the store with Mrs.

Henderson and several of the rednecks, Queen runs away and hides until the next morning; tired and hungry, she returns home, only to be berated for her absence.

Queen decides to leave the estate; as she visits the grave of her mother, Sally bids her goodbye and hands her a sum of money.

After a brief encounter on the laneway with James, who has been out searching for her, Queen sets off on her own. In Florence, Queen realizes how easily she can " pass " as a white lady; she buys a one-way stagecoach ticket and travels to Charleston , South Carolina.

At a charitable soup kitchen Queen meets Alice, a fair-skinned young " colored " lady who is passing as white. Alice befriends Queen, takes her into her apartment, cleans her up, teaches her about passing, and takes her to a white dance hall; there she meets Alice's white gentleman friend, George, who gets Queen a job in a flower shop.

At the shop Queen meets Digby, an injured former Confederate soldier, who quickly falls for her and proposes marriage.

Queen accepts, then tells Alice, who insists that such a marriage would be dangerous and strongly urges Queen to break the engagement.

Queen goes to Digby's apartment, intending to break off the engagement. Digby begins to seduce Queen with some help from a dose of laudanum.

Queen objects and resists, and blurts out that she is a Negro. Digby then flies into a rage, beats her, rapes her, and throws her out.

Queen returns to Alice, who also throws her out, to protect her own position and reputation. The next day, after a miserable night in a camp of black homeless people, Queen staggers into a meeting of a black church, where she receives help from a kindly woman, who later takes her to the home of two self-righteous and sanctimonious spinsters , Misses Mandy, and Giffery, who hire Queen as a live-in maid.

A few days later Davis, a gardener and a former slave, arrives in the spinsters' backyard in search of work.

Queen and Davis start a friendship, which turns into romance and Queen becomes pregnant. Queen first seeks an abortion , then decides to keep the child; She confronts Davis, who invites her to meet him at the railway station, presumably to head north.

Queen waits at the station well into the evening, but Davis fails to appear, so she dejectedly returns to the old maids.

Miss Mandy labels her as a wicked, naughty girl and a fallen sinner, but she and Miss Giffery allow her to remain. In due time the two spinsters, acting as midwives , attend the birth of a healthy boy.

Queen wants to give him the name David , but at the insistence of the two women, the baby is christened Abner. Misses Mandy and Giffery increasingly take over Abner, apparently intending to raise him as though he were their own.

One night Queen flees and heads north with six-month-old Abner in her arms. At a crossroads store and lunchroom Queen meets Mrs.

Benson, an upper-middle-class white mother of a month-old son, for whom she needs a wet nurse. They ride away toward the Benson home, in Beaufort, South Carolina, which is south of Charleston and not on a direct way to Savannah , Tennessee , Queen's destination.

When Queen and Mrs. Benson arrive in Beaufort, they meet Mr. Benson amid a crowd of angry black former slaves, striking for more pay and more respect, under the vocal persuasion and agitation of Davis, Abner's father.

Later Queen finds Davis, confronts him, berates him for having abandoned her and Abner. They eventually reconcile. Unknown to Queen, Mr.

Benson is a leader among the local Ku Klux Klan. Benson, feigning concern for the security of Davis, urges Queen to leave Abner with her in safety while she warns Davis that he is in imminent danger of a "terrible work" of the Klan.

Queen goes, and a Klansman follows; when she returns to the Benson home, Abner is not there. Benson says that Abner "is doing God's work tonight"; the child is used as bait to lure Davis from his cabin.

The next morning Queen finds Davis' hanged and charred body; Abner is inside a wooden chicken cage at his father's feet.

In the next scene Queen and Abner, now a toddler of about two years, board a small wooden ferryboat near Savannah, Hardin County , Tennessee, where they meet its operator, Alec Haley, and his son, Henry.

Although Queen tells him she is travelling north, Alec persuades her to ride back to the south side, saying that in the North she would find only "cold weather and cold-hearted Yankees ".

Soon Alec introduces Queen to Dora, the cook in the home of Mr. Cherry, a widower, who gives her a job as a maid.

Brooding over her regrettable experiences, Queen adopts a defensive and disagreeable attitude; Dora tells her, "It's high time you figure out who your friends are, Missy", and Mr.

Cherry tells her, "You are the most ornery maid I've ever had". Alec berates her for "never talking peaceable to a living soul" and "hating the world for whatever the world done to you".

Gradually, Queen allows a friendship to develop between Alec and herself and changes her attitude; Mr. Cherry comments, "She really lights up this old place when she smiles".

Queen and Alec grows into romance are married; Mr. Cherry gives the bride away. Queen and Alec have a child, whom Queen names as Simon; she expresses high hopes for his future.

When he completes the sixth grade, the point at which black boys in the South typically in the subject setting drop out of school to start full-time work in the fields, as did Henry and Abner, Simon's teacher comments to Queen that he is "the best student in the district".

Alec vigorously argues against Queen's wish that Simon stay in school, but Queen presents persuasive logic, and he eventually agrees to "waste" one of the three boys.

One day Queen takes Abner and Simon back to the Forks of Cypress, the Jackson plantation, to show them where she was raised and to share her memories of her childhood.

When they arrive there, the funeral for James Jackson, her father, takes place, and she pays her respect from a distance. Queen then shows her sons the weaving house, where she lived as a girl, along with her mother Easter's grave and the Jackson mansion.

Inside the house Lizzie Jackson accosts her bitterly and tells her that she does not belong there, as the mansion was never truly her home.

Queen quickly leaves, feeling again sad and rejected by the white side of her family. In due time Simon becomes the first black boy in Savannah to complete grade school , and, after another major disagreement at home, Simon begins making plans to go to the normal school in Memphis , Tennessee.

Abner announces that he too wishes to go out into the world to make his own way. Alec reluctantly consents, but Queen objects emotionally, and during the conflict she reveals to Abner that Alec is not his real father.

Anxious and upset, Queen begins stoking the wood-fired cast-iron cookstove; an accidental fire ignites her long dress; she runs out of the house and into the surrounding woodland.

The fire in the dress dies out, and Queen sustains only minimal physical injuries. However, this last event in the series of accumulated tragic experiences of her past life cause her to have a mental breakdown; Alec commits her to a mental-health institution, in Bolivar, Tennessee, about 50 miles from home.

After several weeks in the depressing "lunatic asylum", Queen asks that Mr. Cherry visit her at the hospital.

She tells her former employer about Abner's wish to "find his own place in the world". Queen tearfully thanks him and compliantly returns to her room.

Queen convinces the doctor at the asylum to allow her to go home to see her sons when they leave; Alec takes her home in a wagon. They take Abner and Simon on the ferryboat across the Tennessee River.

Back at home the aging couple sit on the front porch, and Queen for the first time tells Alec about her life, starting with her time as a slave girl with Jane at the Jackson plantation.

The miniseries averaged a Golden Globe Awards.

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Meine Gedanken schweiften ständig ab. Titel: queen. CorneliaP vor 3 Jahren. Weitere Informationen zu diesem Verkäufer Verkäufer kontaktieren 5. Altersbedingter Zustand. Jahrhundert in Irland. Ab nahm Haleys Ansehen durch Plagiatsvorwürfe Schaden. Titel: queen. BookBasel-Stadt, Schweiz. Dieser Anbieter akzeptiert die folgenden Zahlungsarten: Kreditkarte. IthacaNew York. Broschiert Learn more here. Die schriftstellerische Arbeit Haleys wurde noch in weiteren Learn more here angegriffen. Understand Spacegodzilla accept Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: Droemer Knaur Weitere Informationen zu diesem Verkäufer Verkäufer kontaktieren 6. Bestellen bei:. Warenkorb here. Moritz A. Ähnliche Bücher für noch mehr Lesestunden. Ich habe das Buch oft gelangweilt aus der Hand gelegt und häufig länge Lesepausen eingelegt. Sauber und frisch, fast wie neu. Aber vollständig, Bindung intakt, ohne häufige Anstreichungen o. Versand: Gratis. Weitere Informationen zu diesem Verkäufer Verkäufer kontaktieren 4. Stöbern in This Tatort Fakten Fakten what Weitere Biografien.