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Spencer Reid

Spencer Reid Dr. Spencer Reid

Spencer Reid ist eine fiktive Figur aus dem CBS-Krimidrama Criminal Minds, das von Matthew Gray Gubler porträtiert wird. Reid ist ein Genie mit einem IQ von und kann mit einem eidetischen Gedächtnis Wörter pro Minute lesen. Dr. Spencer Reid ist Supervisory Special Agent der BAU des FBI in Quantico, Virginia. Im Team gilt. Spencer: Reid wird in Mexiko nach einer wilden Verfolgungsjagd von der Polizei aufgegriffen. Er sieht heruntergekommen aus, hat eine Schnittverletzung​. REID AM STECKEN. Dass Spencer Reid in der fünften Season von „Criminal Minds“ ins Bein geschossen wird, war ursprünglich nicht vorgesehen. Aber Matthew. Criminal Minds - Charaktere - Dr. Spencer Reid, gespielt von Matthew Gray Gubler.

Spencer Reid

Spencer Reid ist ein fiktiver Charakter aus dem CBS Krimi - Drama Criminal Minds, dargestellt von Matthew Gray Gubler. Reid ist ein Genie mit einem IQ von​. Jan 23, - Dr. Spencer Reid ist Supervisory Special Agent der BAU des FBI in Quantico, Virginia. Im Team gilt er als Genie und Autodidakt. Außerdem. Viele „Criminal Minds“-Fans hoffen, dass „Reid“ und „JJ“ in der finalen Staffel endlich ein Paar werden. Doch dieser Wunsch scheint sich.

Dans la VO, elle lui demande: "Again with the dairy? Plus tard dans le jet, Reid semble se sentir mal et on le voit, notamment, sortir des toilettes en se frottant la bouche comme s'il avait vomi.

C'est ce qui provoquerait ses migraines. Il continua ses recherches, notamment sur les migraines [34]. Spencer signifie gardien des provisions.

Il peut lire 20 mots par minute [39]. C WGS Il est le parrain de Henry et de Hank. The mysterious woman, identified as Maeve Donovan, is abducted by her stalker, also identified as Diane Turner, and despite his efforts to rescue her, he watches in horror as Diane simultaneously kills herself and Maeve with a single.

He breaks down into sobs of grief. Maeve's death left a lasting impact on Reid for the rest of the season.

In " Magnum Opus ", he is allowed to stay behind while the team investigates Bryan Hughes. During that time, Reid barely left his apartment and therefore never saw any of the gifts the rest of the team left behind by his door as condolences.

However, Reid finally decides to catch up with the rest of the team but stays behind when the team identifies the unsub and discerns that the delusion that is fueling his killings will motivate him to commit suicide or suicide by cop.

Indeed, the unsub is shot and killed by Hotch when he tries to kill another victim. In " The Gathering ", Reid tries to reason with Peter Harper who was subsequently bent on suicide , but he is unsuccessful and the man slashes his own throat with a knife.

This visibly upsets Reid afterward. In " Alchemy ", Reid, still haunted by Maeve's death, tries to remedy this failure by personally tracking down any potential cases and finds the one of Raoul Whalen and Tess Mynock.

Throughout the entire case, he is consoled by Rossi and opens up to him about the fact that he never saw her personally prior to her death and that he never even touched her once.

Reid also cites that he has barely slept, fearing that he will dream about her. When the case is concluded, Rossi successfully gets Reid to finally move on.

Reid falls asleep on the jet and dreams about Maeve, whom he shares a dance with. In " Persuasion ", when Cesar Jones ' case came up in his hometown of Las Vegas, Reid calls his mother's sanitarium, intending to visit her.

He is surprised to learn that her mental condition was beginning to improve, as she wasn't signed into the sanitarium as frequently and was actually allowed to have a supervised vacation to the Grand Canyon simultaneous to the investigation.

When asked about it, Reid stated that he was overjoyed to learn about this, although he also expresses his belief that his mother might have actually forgotten about him, since they barely kept in touch.

By the end of the episode, Reid receives a number of postcards and a golden collectible miniature of the Grand Canyon from Diana.

These gifts please him, as that meant his mother still thought about him. He appeared to be critically wounded. In " Demons ", the follow-up to "Angels", it was revealed that the bullet barely missed his carotid artery and he underwent surgery.

When Baylor, whose true identity had not been exposed yet, ignored his objections, Reid slapped the syringe out of his hand. Baylor then pulled out a gun, but Garcia shot him with Reid's own gun, wounding him.

Reid was then escorted home by Blake, who opened up to him about her deceased son Ethan before leaving. Reid said goodbye and then found that she had left him her badge and ID.

Reid was the team member who was the most upset when Gideon was murdered by Donnie Mallick in " Nelson's Sparrow ", even storming out of the crime scene in tears after Gideon's identity was confirmed to him.

In the following episode " Hero Worship ", Reid struggled to cope with the loss of Gideon. He began playing the chess game that Gideon had been playing prior to his murder in the hopes of keeping it going and thus keep part of him alive.

Rossi later joined in the game to help him finish it. In " Target Rich ", Reid mentions to JJ that his mother wasn't doing so well with her current medications.

As a result, he takes a sabbatical for a few following episodes so he can visit her. In " Entropy ", Reid returned to assist the team in taking down the Hitman Network tracking down Garcia.

During an undercover operation to capture its last two members: Cat Adams and Sharon Mayford , he indirectly reveals to the team that his mother was recently suffering from dementia, which he later confirmed directly afterward.

He also expressed his fears that he will contract dementia as well since he missed the genetic marker of schizophrenia when he turned Morgan then assigns Reid to be the godfather of his son.

In " Keeper ", Reid reveals to Rossi that his mother was accepted as a participant in a groundbreaking study on Alzheimer's, titled Metabolic Enhancement for Neurodegeneration , at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Reid is excited by the news, as earlier tests had found ways to not only slow the disease but actually reverse it.

Later, during the case of Cormac Burton , he learned that his mother was found wandering around a casino, confused and not knowing who she was.

She was safely taken in by police and has since recovered, but was embarrassed by the situation. By the end of the episode, it was revealed that his mother was one of the several participants who had to be cut out of the study due to unexpected budget restraints.

This disappoints Reid, and he tries to find another study that his mother could participate in. He eventually finds one in Houston, Texas, before the events of " Surface Tension ", but later decides to take his mother out of it and bring her home with him so he could take care of her.

After several unsuccessful attempts, he hires a caretaker named Cassie Campbell to assist him.

However, Reid is forced to deal with the combination of his mother's schizophrenic episodes and lapses in memory. At some point, in Houston, Reid met a woman calling herself Rosa Medina, a doctor who wrote an article on Alzheimer's.

Between November and January , Reid traveled to and from Mexico three separate times, all without notifying the FBI about his movements.

In " A Good Husband ", following the conclusion of a case , he informs Prentiss that he has some unfinished business to do in Houston.

However, in " Spencer ", he was arrested in Mexico on suspicion of drug possession with the intent to distribute, and the murder of Rosa, who was actually named Nadie Ramos, and who was found in a hotel room Reid was also at.

He was nearly transferred to a maximum-security Mexican prison for Nadie's murder, but it was stopped when it was revealed that Nadie has dual American-Mexican citizenship, and he was extradited back to the U.

However, the federal government refused to provide legal assistance for Reid, because he was entered Mexico without informing the Beauro, which broke protocol.

The prosecutor, A. Manny Martinez , offers a deal in which Reid pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter in exchange for a sentence of two to five years in prison.

After Reid turns down the offer, the knife used to kill Nadie is found in the Mexican desert, leading to another plea bargain of five to ten years in prison.

Reid turns down this offer too, and later, he is denied bail by Judge Willa Frost , despite Fiona's best efforts, who believes Reid is flight-risk due to his behavior when he fled the crime scene in Mexico.

He is nearly killed by Milos and his gang for taking back his belongings which they had earlier stolen , but is saved by another inmate named Calvin Shaw , a former FBI agent imprisoned for killing Elena Olegnova.

As a result, Reid befriends Shaw, who is also proficient in reading and chess, and who gives him tips to survive in prison.

However, Frazier and Duerson brutally beat him in retaliation. Later, in " In the Dark ", Frazier and Duerson attempt to recruit Reid and Delgado into helping them smuggle drugs into the prison.

When Reid refuses, Frazier and Duerson later attack him and Luis in the prison laundry room, with Frazier slashing Luis's throat with a shiv and killing him.

As a result, in " Hell's Kitchen ", he agrees to help them. Meanwhile, Reid realizes Shaw has an extraordinary amount of influence within the prison general population, as Shaw had arranged for him to have another acquaintance in the form of Malcolm.

Eventually, in an act of desperation, Reid poisons the drugs he receives, hoping to kill Frazier and Duerson. However, the two distribute the drugs throughout the prison, leading to five poisonings including that of Shaw that horrifies Reid.

In " True North ", the prison is put on lockdown because of Reid's actions. This gives Lewis an opportunity to visit Reid and act as his personal psychiatrist since she has a Ph.

Lewis gives Reid a cognitive interview; it is during that interview when Reid reveals he stabbed Nadie to death.

However, she later tells Prentiss that she believes he manufactured the memory in a desperate attempt to find an answer to his circumstances.

She resumes the interview on the next day, and Reid seems to remember the murder a little more clearly, recalling someone spraying a fine mist in his face during the attack in the hotel.

This matched the M. However, when Lewis presses further, Reid remembers that the person who was with him and Nadie in the hotel was not Peter, but a woman.

In " Unforgettable ", Fiona informs Reid that his trial was postponed, causing him to worry about his chances of survival in prison.

Later on, Diana unexpectedly visits him, and they spend the remainder of the episode discussing it. During the conversation, Diana reveals that she threw Cassie out and hired a new nurse.

At the end of the episode, the nurse comes to retrieve Diana. Upon spotting her, Reid remembers the woman as Lindsey Vaughn, whom he met a decade ago in " 3rd Life " when he tried to stop Jack Vaughn from killing Ryan Phillips but failed, but the nurse denies being Lindsey before leaving with Diana.

However, her words trigger another memory in Reid: she was the woman inside the motel room who drugged him and made him believe killed Nadie Ramos.

As he realizes this, the nurse looks back at him tauntingly, confirming her true identity. Reid tries to alert the Butler and yell at his mother but is unable to stop the two from leaving.

In " Green Light ", Reid alerts the team and has them check his apartment, but they find her missing and Cassie dead, nearly pushing him over the edge.

Later, Shaw and the other inmates Reid accidentally poisoned are released from the infirmary. Shaw, knowing it was Reid who caused the poisonings, targets him by revealing his status as a federal agent to the other inmates.

Shaw later tauntingly tells Reid that he won't see another attack coming, but Reid isolates himself in solitary confinement by stabbing himself in the thigh and pinning it on Shaw.

Reid later gets released from prison after the BAU manages to prove his innocence. The BAU later realizes that Reid was framed by Lindsey Vaughn , who in ten years became part of an international drug cartel, and Cat Adams , a hitwoman who Reid directly captured in " Entropy ".

At the end of the episode, Reid and JJ go to the prison where Cat has been incarcerated in solitary confinement for six months, with Reid preparing to face her again.

The episode ends with Reid entering the interrogation room to confront her and Cat calling him "Spencie".

In " Red Light " Reid and Adams play another game, in which Cat Adams reveals she is pregnant, and tries to convince Reid that he is the father.

After she makes a nasty comment about Reid's mother, he pushes her against a wall and starts to violently strangle her in an attempt to kill her, but JJ stops him, reminding him that she's pregnant.

This leaves Reid extremely worried about his well being. Blake later returns and questions his motives. The two agents have a heated discussion, and he tells her the mystery woman is a geneticist he contacted about his headaches during season six, whom he believes can help on the case.

Thanks to her, they are able to find the unsub and save his latest victim. At the end of the episode, Reid thanks her for her help and tells her that he and the BAU can help her in her situation.

However, she refuses because she doesn't want him to hurt Reid. She ends the phone call by telling him that she loves him. Left shocked and speechless, he starts walking to his left but then turns around and walks to his right.

Sometime after "The Lesson", Reid continues calling Maeve, eventually getting to know her. She tells Reid that her stalker might be gone and because of this, she wants to meet him.

During a case in Arizona, Blake confronts him about "phone booth girl". Reid tells Blake that he's nervous to meet her because he already believes she's the most beautiful girl in the world, and he is afraid that she won't like him because of his looks.

Blake encourages him to meet her. After Reid gets back from the case, they plan to meet at a fancy restaurant until Reid sees a man gazing over at him.

Thinking him to be Maeve's stalker, Reid calls her to cancel while she is right outside. Spencer realizes that the man is not the stalker, and Maeve has already left.

The hostess gives him a bag that she left for him. It turns out to be the very same book he was going to give to her by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Inside, she has written a quote by Thomas Merton ; "Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone.

We find it with another. Reid becomes more and more distressed by the situation and discovers that her kidnapper is not Putnam, but his girlfriend, Diane Turner Michelle Trachtenberg.

Reid searches for her, and even offers to take her place. He discovers that Turner wants attention from him and to be seen as an equal.

He gets a clue from Turner leading him to her location, where he tricks her into believing that he is in love with her. Reid finally meets Maeve face-to-face during the situation and is able to briefly subdue Turner, only to have her hold Maeve at gunpoint.

He once again offers to take Maeve's place, but Turner kills herself and Maeve in one shot. Reid spends two weeks alone in his apartment after Maeve's death.

The BAU team tries to help him, but he refuses to answer the door. While Reid remains at home, the team travel to another case.

They call him for help a few times before he joins the team in person. Once the case is complete, Reid asks Morgan, Garcia, and Jareau to help clean up his apartment.

In the months following, Reid throws himself into his work when he is not able to sleep because of a recurring dream in which Maeve asks him to dance with her, but forces himself to wake up before he answers.

By the end of "Alchemy", Reid is able to complete the dream by accepting Maeve's request to dance with her. In "The Inspiration", Reid admits that, had Maeve not died, he might have had kids.

In the season nine finale, it is revealed that he still carries a copy of The Narrative of John Smith in his bag. In the season 14 finale, Jareau reveals during a hostage situation in which the suspect forces her to expose her darkest secret: that she has always loved Reid, but is too afraid to tell him.

Cat Adams Aubrey Plaza , a serial killer who made her debut in Season 11, quickly becomes infatuated with Reid, seeing him as her only "worthy opponent".

In Season 12, she creates an elaborate plan that ends with Reid being arrested and his mother being kidnapped. Reid interrogates Adams, who says she is pregnant with his child.

The next time Adams emerges is in Season 15, Episode 6 "Date Night" , when she is about to be executed and wishes to see him.

Instead of playing games like they have previously done, she wants to go on a date. In season 15, Reid is given a task by his therapist to have a normal conversation with someone outside of work.

They plan to go on their third coffee date when Adams intervenes, holding Maxine's sister and father hostage.

Adams makes Reid take her to his apartment, where Maxine is waiting and sees the two kiss. Adams attempts to drive a wedge between Reid and Maxine, but, in the end, her plan fails.

The episode ends with Reid and Maxine kissing. Reid is 23 years old in the pilot episode, [29] having joined the unit when he was Hotchner reveals in the first season that Gideon insists on introducing him as Dr.

Reid because Gideon fears that, because of his age, Reid will not be taken seriously as an FBI agent. Before Gubler was cast in the role, the character was envisioned as more like Data from Star Trek.

However, the producers liked Gubler's softer interpretation, despite telling the actor he was wrong for the part. After several callbacks, he was hired.

Gubler stated in an interview in the show's second season "[Reid]'s an eccentric genius, with hints of schizophrenia and minor autism , Asperger's syndrome.

Gubler has commented on the differences between Reid and the similarly eccentric character Penelope Garcia : "She represents everything he's not, she's very tech oriented and I would like to imagine he is more like s smart, books and reading etc".

Kirsten Vangsness agreed, adding that Garcia is more extroverted and available emotionally, whereas Reid struggles with his emotions.

During October , series creator Jeff Davis tweeted that Reid was originally envisioned to be bisexual , but the network shut the idea down by the fourth episode when Reid develops a crush on his colleague, Jennifer "JJ" Jareau.

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Spencer Reid - „Criminal Minds“: „Reid“ erzählt „JJ“ von seinem Gespräch

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Criminal Minds - Spencer Reid - Playing the Piano Spencer Reid Gideon stieß erst wieder mit dem Beginn der Serie zur BAU zurück. Gideon hatte ein besonders gutes Verhältnis zu Dr. Spencer Reid, er behandelte ihn fast wie. Jan 23, - Dr. Spencer Reid ist Supervisory Special Agent der BAU des FBI in Quantico, Virginia. Im Team gilt er als Genie und Autodidakt. Außerdem. Viele „Criminal Minds“-Fans hoffen, dass „Reid“ und „JJ“ in der finalen Staffel endlich ein Paar werden. Doch dieser Wunsch scheint sich. Spencer Reid ist ein fiktiver Charakter aus dem CBS Krimi - Drama Criminal Minds, dargestellt von Matthew Gray Gubler. Reid ist ein Genie mit einem IQ von​. 2,58 Millionen Bewertungen. Herunterladen. Filme Serien, Promis, Kino, Dr Spencer Reid, Matthew Gray Gubler, Schöne. Mehr dazu. Spencer Reid. Find this.

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März veröffentlicht, erneut mit einer Altersfreigabe ab 16 Jahren. Die Wirtin gibt ihm eine Tasche , die sie für ihn verlassen. Der Grund? Sie erfuhr dies nicht persönlich, sondern über eine öffentliche Bekanntgabe des Senders. Einmal wurde er komplett nackt und vor aller Augen an einen Torpfosten gehängt. Durch eine Variation des Tricks, bei dem er eine Münze hervorzaubert, trickste er einen Geiselnehmer aus. Er ist ebenfalls der Jüngste des Teams. Cependant, Amanda prend le pas sur Adam, le faisant disparaitre. While The Time Machine 1960 is Jenkins, demanding to know Spencer Reid his father was involved, his parents interrupt and confess to their son the whole story. He tells Prentiss that he has not told any of the team click because he is afraid that they will "make him feel like a baby. Upon arrival, he finds a note addressed only to him explaining why Gideon chose to leave the BAU. The Irobot Kinox what there was "no psychological exam or test the FBI could put in front of him he could not ace inside of an hour", [1] he did struggle with the more physical aspects of training, and ultimately received waivers for those requirements. However, Reid is very protective of her, and often blames himself if she is injured; even if there was nothing he could have done to prevent it.